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South Africa to Act on Workplace Gender Equity

11 Aug

Yesterday was National Women’s Day here in South Africa, in honor of the march 20,000 women staged on August 9th, 1956 to petition legislation that required Black South Africans to carry a pass book (identification documents) to prove they were allowed to enter certain areas. 54 years later over 5,000 people gathered at Kings Park Stadium in Durban to commemorate the historic march.

During his address to the crowd at this commemorative Women’s Day event President Jacob Zuma stated, “Some urgent action is required in the private sector to improve gender and race diversity at top management level.”

Hear, hear!

Let’s hope some cold, hard results come from this initiative! In a country where people of color are the overwhelming majority it makes no sense for the corporate world to reflect otherwise. Read more at SouthAfrica.info.