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Birds of a Feather…

14 Aug

I’m no ornithologist but the birds in South Africa put American ones to shame. Though I will admit that might be an unfair judgement to make, seeing as how the State Bird in New York is basically the pigeon (ew).

I’m sure other states have more interesting fauna…

My Favorite Bird...

But I digress…According to my very legitimate Google research one bird in particular that I’ve been noticing for the past couple of weeks is called a Southern Masked Weaver (note the intense nest-making skills they’re famous for):

Southern Masked Weaver

Ain’t he a beauty? Please also note that I’m in the city of Johannesburg, so No, you don’t have to be on some safari or specialized bird-watching tour to catch a sighting of cool birds (wild cats, on the other hand, are another story). I’m just saying! Until next time, -Mbali-