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Empire State of Mind

11 Jul

As many of you know, I LOVE New York! I’m a walking souvenir t-shirt. I was raised in the BX and schooled in Manhattan (but I truly have love for all 5 boroughs). I love my city so much my dedication can be obnoxious at times (people from Massachusetts especially know how to bring this out of me haha). Even so, I’ve left my beloved city for one I used to call home. When I was 15 months old I lived in Johannesburg, South Africa for about a year.

(Where I am in the world)

And I’m doing it again!

In December I arrived in my father’s homeland. I’d like to think I’ve been getting by with my New York City smarts just fine so far…

Stay tuned for my South African adventures – I’ll be sharing my photos, feelings, and overall year-or-so-long journey as I adapt to my new/ex home.

Until next time,